Businesses connecting their infrastructure to a SIP Trunk, or VoIP Connection, require a Session Border Controllers (SBC) for security, interoperability and transcoding.

Often times, businesses will forget the importance of an SBC when switching from their legacy phone system to VoIP and simply use their existing firewall for protection, and make a huge mistake!

A typical firewall can only protect your data network and as soon as you as you open it up to the internet, which is how you connect to VoIP services, the entire network is exposed. The other pitfall of using your existing firewall, instead of an SBC, is that phone calls may not connect or there will be audio issues.

An SBC will automatically do the call translations for you, with the built-in interoperability features and also translate the audio with built-in transcoding capabilities.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose a Sangoma SBC

  • Security


    Protection against malicious attacks such as Denial-of-Service, Fraud, BYOD, and SIP & RTP flooding. Toll fraud protection against hackers breaking into VoIP systems causing financial turmoil. Topology hiding for protection against exposing network routes.

  • Hardware Redundancy

    Hardware Redundancy

    Guarantee business continuity during catastrophic hardware failures by mirroring 2 SBCs together. Available free-of-charge, out-of-box!

  • Simplified Licensing

    Simplified Licensing

    All SBCs are field upgradable and licensing is per session based, which means all the features are always included – No sticker shock. Predictable SBC capacity and cost in every use case.

  • Diagnostic Tools

    Diagnostic Tools

    Browser based dashboard featuring time based graphing, system and session error reporting and email notifications upon faults. Onboard PCAP training tool capturing signaling and media, eliminating the need for extra port mirrors or hubs. The Hardware Crash protection feature reboots the system on lockup or hardware fault.

  • Advanced Web GUI

    Advanced Web GUI

    Browser-based GUI use for configuration, control and monitoring of SIP trunks, network connections and security threats. Easy to use dialplan routing for basic and advanced call routing configurations. System logs and reports are also available directly from the GUI.

  • Virtual Machine Options

    Virtual Machine Options

    For integration within existing data centre infrastructures, our SBCs are also offered in a software platform version which contains the same feature- rich capabilities as our scalable appliances and compatible in most VM environments including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Amazon Web Services.